PS56 Interactive elements in virtual environments (Multisports)

Engineer interactive elements within the virtual environment that are both informative and entertaining, ensuring that visitors remain engaged while exploring the virtual showroom. This could include interactive displays, virtual tours, and live Q&A sessions.

PS44 Adapt to changing content consumption (Swimming)

How can organizations strategically adapt to the constantly changing dynamics of content creation, distribution, and consumption influenced by shifting consumer behaviors, emerging technologies, and the proliferation of digital platforms, in order to effectively meet the diverse needs of modern audiences?

PS43 Engage diverse audience for fan loyalty (Swimming)

How can organizations effectively captivate and retain a diverse and digitally fragmented audience base to enhance fan engagement, thereby increasing attendance, loyalty, and revenue generation amidst fierce competition for attention and interaction?

PS39 Nurture talents for broader fan base (Fencing)

What innovative approaches and sustained initiatives can sports organizations implement to nurture emerging talents, elevate individual players into stars, and consequently, attract and engage a broader fan following within the sports ecosystem?