PS55 Engaging immersive virtual world (Multisports)

Create a highly engaging and immersive virtual world that replicates real world spaces and experiences, incorporating realistic 3D environments that can be easily navigated by users of varying technical abilities.

PS22 Digitally monitor swimming pool water quality (Swimming)

How can we develop a cost-effective, accurate, and digital solution to capture water quality readings at the Front of the Pool (FOP) of swimming pools, integrating an early warning system and/or a fail-safe mechanism that activates when sensors and instruments deviate from calibration, ensuring public health and reducing waste?

PS20 Unified platform for event management (Soccer)

How can we address the necessity of an unified platform that simplifies event management, enhances communication, ensures accessibility, supports eco-friendly practices, and provides centralized access to critical event information, ultimately improving the overall event experience for organizers, participants, and attendees?

PS17 Heat map large stadium movement (Soccer)

How to accurately monitor the movement of fans and staff within a large stadium with a seating capacity of 80,000 using heat mapping based on video streams and/or MAC addresses of mobile devices?