GSIC Groundbreakers Challenge: 2nd edition
Make your mark on the US$250 Billion Sports Industry,
and join GSIC's Largest Open Innovation Challenge!


The GroundBreakers Challenge, backed by the expertise of Sport Singapore and GSIC, is more than a competition; it’s a global call for technological and innovative advancements in sports.

The challenge, with its international scope, invites a diverse range of participants, from startups to established tech companies, to propose solutions that address real-world challenges in the sports sector.

With a comprehensive evaluation process led by a jury of experts in technology, sports, and business, this challenge ensures the selection of the most promising and impactful solutions.

This unique initiative doesn’t just foster innovation – it bridges the gap between technology providers and the sports industry, creating a thriving ecosystem for sports innovation and development.


Discover the problem statements submitted by sports entities below.


If you are a sports entity with a problem statement, you can share it with us and we’ll include it to the list.

If you’re a company with solutions to one or more problem statements, you can submit your proposal.


Click below for information on the challenge, participation requirements, selection criteria, and what to expect throughout the Groundbreakers Challenge. 


How it works

We want you to address the problem statements of the sports entities involved in the project. Here’s how it will be done:

Groundbreakers meetups

Gathering influential figures from sports industries around the world to brainstorm innovative solutions and strategies for advancing sports technology and infrastructure.

Each meetup is tailored to its location, kicking off with GSIC members sharing best practices and highlighting GSIC’s role in fostering these partnerships.

This is followed by live pitching sessions, with an opportunity for up to 8 startups and companies that confirm their attendance to pitch to attending entities.


Reach us at [email protected] to register your attendance for upcoming GB meetups and be part of the action – live!

Upcoming Groundbreakers Meetups



about GSIC

GSIC is not only a non-profit organization but also the global hub of the sports industry, bringing together a diverse range of sports entities, including clubs, leagues, startups, enterprises, research institutions, universities, investors, and stakeholders. Our mission is to democratize innovation, enabling sports organizations to evolve into sustainable, digital businesses, while pioneering technological advancements in areas such as Team and Player Performance, Fan Engagement, Smart Stadiums, Business Insights, Sustainability, Education, Sponsorship, Esports, Media, Fitness, and Health. Our ultimate goal is to create a more inclusive and personalized sports experience for billions of fans worldwide.


Sport Singapore is the national agency for the promotion and development of sport in Singapore. As part of its efforts, Sport Singapore seeks to establish partnerships and platforms to establish a marketplace to nurture innovation and incubate ideas and enable sport business development through cross-sector collaborations which drive innovation and business.

Sport Singapore will host +15 events in Singapore in the next few months and it’s looking for the best partners to implement pilot projects at these events.

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